About Wolverine Outfitter

Our family had the outdoors instilled at a young age while growing up as kids. This helped us identify the true meaning of the outdoors.

Wolverine Outfitters’ passion is to be one with nature and to get the true feel of being close to the wildlife. Like many dedicated hunters, I love the experience and excitement of getting in close. It is a great experience and the closer I get, the more my heart beats…it is an addiction! And I like it close.

With my wife’s support, we have been able to enjoy hunting while raising three sons who also enjoy it.

I have been a licensed guide in Alaska since 2008. We have led a number of hunts in Alaska over the years. I have also had the privilege of hunting in Canada and the lower 48 states. There is nothing like experiencing nature and what it has to offer. What’s there not to like, its hunting which is all outdoors.

 Also, I need to thank my parents. They are the ones who instilled in me a deep appreciation of the outdoors, which has been a gift and a blessing.

Registered Guide
Jerry Hedrich

Alaska Hunt Guides USA