Alaska Black Bear Hunts

Our hunts take place in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, where we have an exclusive area. No other outfitters are allowed.

Much like the Brown Bear, this hunt is similar. We see more bears on the mountainsides eating roots, plants, and berries. Occasionally, they will, too, be on the salmon in the streams.

Our black bear hunts are 7-day one-on-one guided hunts. This gives us an advantage of time. Weather can be very unpredictable, from pouring rain, heavy fog, and snow, to, yes, even sunshine. Whatever it is, we are in it.

Make sure you’re in good physical condition. You should plan on hiking to get to glassing areas and carrying your daypack as we go. This is a pure spot and stalk style hunt.

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge has the coastal Black Bears. Some of these bears are quite large as they eat fish and also live amongst the Brown Bears. Our exclusive areas have salmon-filled streams and berries on the mountains to finish their fall feeding.

Our camps are tent-based and able to relocate as needed. In the spring we catch them on the beaches and chasing sows as they emerge from the dens. There are some federal cabins that may be available but are not something we would like to count on.

We do offer packers to help lighten the load.

A professional videographer/photographer is available upon request.

See the “Hunt Info” page for additional info.

Black Bear Hunt Alaska with Wolverine Outfitter
  • Tag Cost: $450*
  • License: $160*
  • Packer: $400/day

Tags and flight into camp not included

*Fees for international visitors are slightly higher.
*All tags, licenses, fees, and prices are subject to change due to insurance and fuel costs as well as state requirements . You will be notified of any changes before submitting a deposit on a hunt or fishing trip.

Upon receipt of a 25% deposit your exact hunt dates will be locked in.