Alaska Bear Hunts

Bears are very plentiful throughout the state. We hunt Brown, Black, and the Grizzly. These are all usually in different locations and under different circumstances. Either the high-country Grizzly Bears or Black Bears or the salmon fed Black Bears and big Brown Bears, we have them all. Check out the following hunts. 

We hunt bears in the Spring and Fall. Couple things to consider before booking a hunt.

Spring bear hunts take place from April thru June depending on weather and location. Spring bears have new clean claws that have been able to grow out over the winter. Their fur is puffy and long, they have lost weight over winter but the length of the fur helps make up for that. 

Fall bear hunts are from August to November depending on weather and location. Their fur is usually thick and even while getting ready for winter. Their claws are usually beat up a bit from digging and fishing all year.

Grizzly Hunt in Alaska with Wolverine Outfitter

Brown Bear Hunting

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge bears are big and fish fed. They tend to move to and with the fish as the season progresses.

Black Bears can be an add on, chances of seeing them are very good as they inhabit the same areas.

Black Bear Hunting

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge has the coastal Black Bears. Some of these bears are quite large as they eat fish and also live amongst the Brown Bears. Our exclusive areas have salmon filled streams and berries on the mountains to finish there fall feeding.

Grizzly Bear Hunting

These bears are the best in colors of all bears. There are several different phases. They come in silver tip, dark brown-blonde, and blonde with dark brown boots and an orange strip down their backs. Some are just gold.

Alaska Bear Photos and Videos

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