Alaska Mountain Goat Hunt

Much of the hunt for Mountain Goats are much like a sheep hunt, but usually not the duration required. They inhabit a similar terrain with actually more of the steeper choice. They are usually surprised when they see you because they don’t get many visitors, and they often don’t run away if they spot you. It takes a while before they move off.

The main challenge in hunting these magnificent creatures is the steep terrain in which they live. This is not a walk-in-the-park hunt. You will be required to be in very good shape and also be able to pack gear. A lot of our hiking may not be far in distance, but the steepness makes up for it ten times over. What goes up must come down.

Our camps are located in and around the areas hunted. Usually, we like to get the spike camps above the tree line so when we start, a chunk of the climb has already been behind us.

Later in the season is the preferred hunts. The Mountain Goats pelts are much more filled out and ready for winter. They make for a beautiful full-body mount. The later in the season, the better.

The one issue that seems to be consistent is the weather. At times can cause some delays. It never fails, finally find what we are after and the weather delays us for a day or more at times, so keep that in mind.

Mountain Goat hunts are for 7 days and are one-on-one guided hunts.

Black Bears are abundant in the areas we hunt and can be added for an additional trophy fee.

We do offer packers to help lighten the load.

A professional videographer/photographer is available upon request.

See the “Hunt Info” page for additional info.

Alaska Goat Hunt with Wolverine Outfitter
  • Tag Cost:$600*
  • License: $160*
  • Packer: $400/day

Tags and flight into camp not included

*Fees for international visitors are slightly higher.
*All tags, licenses, fees, and prices are subject to change due to insurance and fuel costs as well as state requirements . You will be notified of any changes before submitting a deposit on a hunt or fishing trip.

Upon receipt of a 25% deposit your exact hunt dates will be locked in.

Company while setting up camp for a Mountain Goat Hunt

Arriving to have the goats watching us set up camp for Mountain Goat hunt. Great way to start a hunt.